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Members 2023/2024

Greg and Toni Adams

Andrea and Andy Albershardt

AJ and Kathy Alt

Tara Alman

Ted Anderson and Robin Bingham

Clay Anthony and family

Michiko Arai

Jim and Joan Arneson

Matt Aronson

Milt Ashby

Tiffany Baker

Diana Baker

Walden Baker

Bob Baumgarten

Ginny Baylor

Caitlin and Dave Bernier

David Brudzinski

Ingrid and Kendal Butts

Kathy Carr and Gale Pickett

Al and Judy Carnes

Martin and Rosie Catmur

Ellen Clark

Sally Clauss

Larry and Terrie Clouse

Mike Cole and Carol Quinn

Ken Coleman

Beth and Jonathan Coop

Lynn Cudlip and Mark Daily

Karah Cunningham

Luke Danielson

Laura and Terry Detlefsen

Kirsten and Chris Dickey

Bryan Dillon

Jim Dirken

Sandy and Stephen Dobert

Cristina Dressel

Hank Ebbott

Jim and Sharon Erwin

Mark and Joellen Fonken

Pam Frenette

Elizabeth Gillis

Katie and Matt Gravel

Deanna Greco

Theresa, Robert and Andrian Hanacek

Lara Hamilton

Wes Hersberger

Nikki Hewitt

Christine Holbrook

Ed and Pam Howard

Jonathon and Roanne Rouse Houck

Britta and Jon Hubbard

Jay, Katie Hunt and family

John Johson

Carlie Kenton

Erik and Julie Ketcham

Darla Klausner

Barb Klingman

Tim and Lauren Kugler

Anne Landwehr

Eileen Langsfeld

Mallory Logan

Beth Marcue

Kenny and Melody Marks

Lauren Parker

Hedda Peterson

Kate Robinson

Gary and Connie Rogers

Donna Rozman and Steve Meldrum

Jarral and Anne Ryter and family

Stuart and Margaret Schneider

MaryJo and Mark Schumacher

Amy Schwartz and family

Kathy Seitz

Karen and Randy Stuckey and family

Suzanne Taylor

Charlie and Laura Tomlinson

Timmer Tomlinson

Becky Trentlage

Louisa Tuthill

Judy and Charlie Welch

Fran Wickenhauser

Lisa and Josephine Wishard

Rachel and Jim Woelk

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