Still time to pledge support for Gunnison Nordic Team skiers

Last Saturday, The Magic Meadows 7 was held as Crested Butte Nordic Team’s annual event to help raise funds needed to offer their youth programs in the Gunnison Valley. A key element to these programs is the free ski passes and rentals they offer all children under age 18 – a benefit which allows our GNT to use the trails and equipment in the north end of the valley at no charge.
There was a competitive 7-hour Nordic ski race, a new adventure play area for kids, and delicious food and drink in a wonderful winter setting. This year CBNT has invited the Gunnison Nordic Team to fully participate in this fundraiser, allowing our team to retain 100% of the funds raised by GNT athletes.
This would be the second year GNT athletes could gather pledges in exchange for participating in the event – which is a huge fundraising opportunity for our team. Athletes can request a pledge amount for each lap skied (approximately 4.5 km per lap) or solicit a flat donation based on the number of laps they anticipate completing. Our skiers compete against themselves, other racers, and the clock to ski the number of laps they establish as their goal. For example, they could receive a pledge of $5 per lap, then collect $50 if they ski 10 laps. The more they skied the more they earn.
Funds raised at the MM7 would help offset our van operating costs – they exceed $2,000 per season. Additionally, we’ll need to purchase more uniforms next year and eventually………yes, a new van.
We recognize that our team has already participated in fundraising efforts this season, and that “double hitting” family, friends, and businesses who have already supported us can be awkward. We ask for your patience and support as we try out this new avenue for fundraising. The MM7 has proven to be an incredibly lucrative fundraiser for CBNT (past events have raised $10,000 – $20,000). If our efforts are successful we could focus our future fundraising on this one event, potentially raising thousands of dollars for the team each season in one day. Donations are being taken on-line until Saturday, January 14th.
Crested Butte Nordic is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all pledges/donations are tax deductible and will be made through this form:
Thank so much for your support and willingness to try something new! Please select Gunnison Nordic Team
Sincerely, Kendall and Ingrid