Sunday, February 17

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day! Our groomers were busy re-establishing our trails after the storm.  Hartman Rocks has excessive wind loading and drifting, so please be patient.

– Dos Rios Front and Back Nine groomed for Skate and Classic ❄️🙏🏽 Clay Anthony

– VanTuyl Ranch North and South Groomed for Skate and Classic  ❤️❄️ Jon Nelson

– Hartman Rocks packed from McCabe’s to Base Area (Base Area groomed for Skate) and Pinnacle Loop groomed for Skate.  ❄️❄️Mark

Recreational users – please grab our dogs when you encounter a Gunnison Nordic snowmobile, at Hartman Rocks or Dos Rios. We generally have a “drag/grooming device” behind the snowmobile that is very wide and extremely heavy with teeth to cut through ice and snow and we want you to protect your pups.  Thank you.🐶