Old Snow

WCU freshened up 2/23

Date: 02/23/2024 Location: WCU Practice Field Conditions: Soft Snow, Old Snow, Classic, Skate Commentary: WCU is still showing good coverage. However it’s terribly soft in the afternoons. WCU plowed the NE corner for track/field events so a new configuration is in place. Go check it out before noon.

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WCU Practice Field

Date: 02/15/2024 Location: WCU Practice Field Conditions: Hard Snow, Old Snow, Classic, Skate Commentary: Gray skies/10 F this morning. Hard pack, old snow (though we had 1/2" Wednesday morning). Not too good of corduroy. Put in two-track on perimeter & inner loops, but it doesn't penetrate much. Added a short new track on the interior

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Ranch Refresh

Date: 02/13/2024 Location: Van Tuyl Conditions: Hard Snow, Old Snow, Fast, Classic, Skate Commentary: Refreshed the entire Van Tuyl Ranch track for skate. Classic track is still good to go. Conditions are all time, fast, and fun. Not too warm, not too cold.

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Fast and smooth anyone?

Date: 02/08/2024 Location: Dos Rios Conditions: New Snow, Soft Snow, Old Snow, Wind Blown, Fast, Classic, Skate Commentary: Dos Rios was groomed Wednesday night, however the wind blew in a trace of new snow and covered a fantastic groom. Track was re-groomed tonight, and should be Norwegian quality tomorrow!

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Weekend Ready!

Date: 01/26/2024 Location: Hartman Rocks Conditions: Old Snow, Classic, Skate Commentary: Hartmans Groomed out nicely late this afternoon. McCabes loop and the Hartmans base area connector. Warm temps in the forecast! Hopefully snow and cold after that!

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