Hartman Rocks

January 26, groomed for the Kenny Mac Ski Race and Winter Tri Skate and Classic

Van Tuyl Ranch

Groomed for Skate and Classic Wednesday, January 23rd afternoon.  Enjoy!

Hartman Rocks Sunday, January 20

Busting wind drifts continues – Mike, Ted, Mike, Mark, Joellen the rotation continues…  Getting ready for the Kenny Mac next weekend.  All loops groomed for skate.  Classic to come.  

Hartman Rocks and Jorgensen Park

Groomers were hard at work Monday afternoon/eve, January 14 at Hartman Rocks (all loops groomed) and Jorgensen Park. Get out and ski!

Saturday 1/12 grooming

Western Practice Field and NEW on-line VanTuyl Ranch NORTH. Please park on ranch road by gate access for VanTuyl. VanTuyl South is still closed. Remember, no dogs allowed on VanTuyl Ranch groomed trails, you may still take your dogs on … Read More