Grooming Saturday, Feb 23

VanTuyl Ranch groomed for Classic and Skate – North and South.  Thanks Jon Nelson Dos Rios groomed Classic and Skate – Front and Back Nine.  Thanks Clay Anthony      

Thursday, February 21 Grooming

Dos Rios groomed for Skate and Classic – Front and Back Nine – Thanks Clay! Western Practice Field groomed – Skate and Classic – Thanks Boe! Hartman Rocks groomed – Kill Hill, Pinnacle Loop, McCabe’s Loop (over Hump) for Skate … Read More

Dos Rios Feb 19 eve

Front and Back Nine groomed for Skate and Classic.  Enjoy tomorrow! Thanks Clay

Sunday, February 17

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day! Our groomers were busy re-establishing our trails after the storm.  Hartman Rocks has excessive wind loading and drifting, so please be patient. – Dos Rios Front and Back Nine groomed for Skate and Classic … Read More

Van Tuyl Groomed Feb. 17, 2019

Van Tuyl groomed for skate and classic, Sunday, February 17. Reminder, no dogs allowed on groomed Van Tuyl trails and no walking on groomed trails.  Use the recreation path if you want to walk or take your dog. Thanks!

Dos Rios

The Front Nine is groomed for Skate and Classic Sunday, February 17 morning. EVERYONE – Please pick up after your dogs poop to keep this grooming allowed.  


We are monitoring the weather and the temperature must deep down for us to use our snowmobiles and groomers.  Taking them out in such warm, wet conditions will damage the platforms we have established to date.  Watch for updates.  Thanks!