WCU Nordic Revival

Date: 02/17/2022 Location: WCU Practice Field Conditions: New Snow, Hard Snow, Fast, Classic Grooming Commentary: The WCU practice field cleaned up very nicely with just a little help from Mother Nature. Classic and Skate was reset late Thursday afternoon so things should be solid and fast with a cold night.

Olympic Mill Creek

Date: 02/11/2022 Location: Mill Creek Conditions: Hard Snow, Old Snow, Wind Buff, Wind Blown, Fast, Classic Grooming Commentary: Swedish Olympic groomers hit Mill Creek today! Skate and Classic laid for a good freezing tonight.

Yippee new snow

Date: 02/02/2022 Location: WCU Practice Field Conditions: New Snow, Soft Snow, Classic Grooming Commentary: So nice to have new snow! CB Nordic was out swarming the new corduroy. Kids looked great. Come enjoy it!!

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